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mono filament System 

Monofilament- net all over! with PU coating, in net. It has a double  layer of monofilament net to protect the knots from the tapes. Fully single hair hand knotted fully air breathable. Can be used for 4 week bonding! Sleep, shower, sport, do anything! Brush hair in any direction!


HD08 Hair System Base Features and Materials





• This system  is having single knotting of human hair 


• Highly ventilated, comfortable for scalp.

>• High level of scalp hygiene maintained.

• Available in high and low density of hair.


• Best quality processed human hair (ramy indian) used.


• Most natural look, skin coloured, very thin and fine net.


• Undetectable appearance.

• Can be used for weaving, bonding, microwefting..